Can my motherboard fit a NVIDEA GeForce GTS 250?

I've been looking at this / (More info), and I'd like to buy it, but I'm not sure if it will fit to my motherboard - .

My Specs -
OS: Windows XP Professional
Current Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS
Current VRAM: 512MB
RAM: 3.5 GB
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
Audio: Realtek HD Audio Output

I'm just not positive if it can fit, and if it can't, what would be my best choice of a card to upgrade to that will actually work?
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  1. why not? your mobo has x16 PCI-e slot needed for the card. the real question might be: will GTS250 fit into my case? :D
    btw if you want that card just make sure your PSU powerful enough to power the card
  2. The thing I'm seeing on 250's is a PCI Express 2.0 x16, and my motherboard has PCI Express x16, or is the 2.0 the same?
  3. They are not the same, but a x16 v2 card will still work in an x16 v1 slot.

    Your power supply is more likely to be an issue. The newer graphics cards like the 250 need a pair of 6 pin PCIE power cables. If your PSU doesnt have those you will need to replace it also.
  4. Well, we recently replaced the power supply, so it's a newer make, the other fried when the cable wasn't all the way in, it melted and started to smoke. Anyway, I'll check that out, but I think that that'll be okay.
  5. If you had the manufacturer and model of PSU its usually not hard to check online.
  6. I've got a Cooler Master (

    It looks as though it only has one PCIE 6 pin from the specs, is there any way I can get an extension to add another? Or will it work as is (guessing not, just hoping).
  7. Its got 30amps on the 12V rails. If you arent massively overclocking it should be adequite. IF there is a problem it will likely be the source as power supplies deteriorate over time.
    Dont put it on the same power cable as your CD/DVD. There are also SATA power to PCIE adapters if you arent using the sata power cables.
  8. Thank you so much. I've been saving for this card, and not even knowing if I could run it! Thanks so much for your help man, it means a lot.
  9. Just a note, i have an HP micro mid tower and micro atx board inside. I was able to fit the MSI GTS 250 ocv2 into it without any mods. A snug fit, but nothing bent or modified. This is in part thanks to the single 6pin connector mounted on the top of the card instead of end.

    Not sure why you folks say this card needs 2 6pins. I know the GTS250 is just a rebranded version of the 9800GTX+, but the big difference is the GTS250 needs only 1 6-pin connector, smaller chip technology and better heat efficiency.

    Oh and its only 9" long instead of 10.5"

    Short answer, it should fit your setup, just remember these cards take up 2 slots.
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