Hardware problem? help!

dont know if in wrong section sorry.
here are my specs.
Biostar ta790gxe
amd phenom 2 x4 970 @4.1ghz 1.5 v core
kingston hyper x 1066 running at 800 with 5-5-5-17-24 2.2v
galaxy gtx580 running stock clocks.
corsair cx600 600watt power supply
kingston ssd now v100 64 gb as boot drive
and 500gb caviar blue for storage

system was running fine with the overclock for 3 months plus and all of a sudden it started blue screening and locking up and crashing.
if not gaming runs fine. when i start to play battlefield 3 or starcraft 2 every time battlefield 2 will blue sreen and starcraft 2 will crash in 5-10 mins every time. after starcraft 2 crashes to desktop i can not even open google chrome without it crashing and all open windows before crash.
ive ran memtest 86 pass
prime 95 for an hour pass
loop heaven for a couple of hours pass
msi kombuster pass
furmark pass
i know im not running these programs for a long time but from what ive heard and my ecxperiance they detect severe hardware errors within minutes.

note : ddr2 1066 running at 800 because memtest86 would not pass at 1066 5-5-5-15-15 2.2 maybe my memory went further south? but memtest passes now?
graphics card gone bad? its only 2 months old
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  1. Always the first step with an overclocked system with problems.
  2. anonymous1 said:
    Set it back to stock speed and let us know if the blue screens are still comming.

    ditched the biostar mb and memory.
    got a asus sabertooth 990fx and overclocked to 4.15 @1.5v and no bluescreens.
    guess it was memory or bad motherboard or both
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