LiteOn iHAS424-98 driver download for Windows 7

Trying to find the driver for this DVD Writer by LiteOn as I am installing Windows 7 and it is asking for the driver.
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  1. Windows should provide the driver
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Windows should provide the driver

    Yes, I thought so too, but this is not the case in this situation. Let me add some additional info. I built this computer for the sole purpose of selling it, but it has not sold. The biuld was a little difficult because it is a 64-bit system using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and a RAID 0 configuration with 2 Western Digital SATA III hard drives. Windows 7 doesn't recognize the 64-bit hard drives correctly, but I finally got everything working OK. I did not register Windows 7 with Microsoft as I was waiting for a buyer. After about 2 months or so, Microsoft did something to the OS to make it inoperable. Now it won't even let me register Windows 7 and I can't reinstall it as Microsoft has done several things to prevent this. The system shuts down by itself after a few minutes. Everytime I try to use a Windows application, try to use System Restore, or attempt a reinstallation, Windows shuts down or will not access the DVD drive with the Windows 7 OS disc.
    In other words, your answer is incorrect in this situation.
    Also, the Nero installation disc that comes with the optical hardware does not show the DVD driver separately, and I can't find it there, but it should be there somewhere.
    The MB is an ASUS and maybe they will have a driver for the Lite-On DVD hardware as the previous replier suggested. Can't think of anyother options myself. Can you?
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