I recently built a new rig.

Biostar A870U3

4x 2gb G.SKILL Ripjaws

xfx 6870 ati 1gb

amd 1090t 6core 3.2

ocz vertex 3 ssd

650w coolermaster psu

Everything was fine and steady, I began to OC my proc to and reached 3.8 which was ran stable for two weeks. Then started getting BSODS, so i cleared my CMOS and reverted back to orginal settings. This did not stop the bsods freezing while in game (no artifacting of any kind) sometimes it would run for awhile, other times it would bsod freeze within 5 seconds of opening the game (dota2)(HoN).

So i thought maybe it was problem with my vertex drive which i had to RMA once already, began to reformat it and tried reinstalling windows. I would reach the "setting up windows" screen with the windows logo before any UI options available on format, it now will freeze and BSOD with memory_managment error. I've tried using a different hard drive, unplugging all USB ports, changing SSD from AHCI to legacy IDE, sata->IDE, native IDE, i've tried removing all my ram and plugging in once stick at a time, upvolting the ram by a small margin, i've set the timings on the ram to exact factory settings. Does this sound like my memory overheated and burned out?

Would be thankful for any input/help you can provide.

**edit my cpu is watercooled idle=18C load=35C
ambient case temp 35-45C
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  1. I would think that is a CPU or GPU problem, if you can try with antoher GPU for start to discard what component is the problem and let us know the results.
  2. So i replaced the ram with slower 1333 sticks, also replaced the motherboard for a gigabyte 990xa which is much nicer than my biostar. I'm still experiencing the exact same problem of MEMORY_MANAGMENT, BAD_POOL_HEADER bsod error, I ran a linux partmagic program via ram, after running the program a list of drivers loaded and errors were displayed on the monitor the end line stating cpu1 error.

    The thing I don't understand is my cpu is watercooled and i never saw the temps break 40celcius on full load, however i have a two monitor setup and running skyrim with a 1080p stream going.

    Is it possible to burn out your chip even with low temperatures? I'm definatly going to replace my cpu as i am certain that it is the problem now.

    *edit : I did replace the gpu with another one i had laying around and the problem still occured.
  3. i think you had PSU problem .. maybe dying / crap, try use pure PSU
  4. Thank you for your reply!

    Can you tell me why you think this is a PSU problem and not a CPU problem?
  5. some PSu cooler master like 650W extreme power is Crap 650W is labelled, actually is 450W with low Efficiency .. see review in Hardwaresecreet / jonnyguru
  6. Well i replaced my PSU with a OCZ Fatal1ty 750W and the problem still exists.
  7. are you sure your memory get pass with memtest86+ ? can you go safe mode ?
  8. I ran my sticks of memory through memtest with no negative results for over 4 hours, I have even purchased a new set of slower ram which resulted in the same error.

    the bsods i run into change :

    When I press F8 and start the install through safemode the drivers load and hangs on disk.sys
    I have used two SSD's and 1 regular spinning HDD with the same errors.

    I've tried installing ubuntu and recieve a black screen with cursor when installation starts.
  9. So i ran GWscan extended and it completed with zero errors, i guess that rules out the hard drive option.

    I did a little bit of googling came across people saying l1 l2 cache on cpu could possibly be dead. Does this seem like a problem i could have?
  10. maybe.... , but the best way is test your CPU in another motherboard or vice versa, if you do not have to test it should call the vendor / technician, because it could be a faulty motherboard
  11. So when using GWscan writing zeros to drive i get IRQ timout error.

    I switched from AHCI to IDE and the full erase worked flawlessly. Trying a new install now.

    New install same bsod...
  12. Call vendor .. And u will get lucky and Happy New Year
  13. And a new mobo too.
  14. Lol i replaced my mobo already :(
  15. CPU?
  16. was indeed the cpu.
  17. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I heard of stories where the CPU got "burned out" at high voltages even though the temperatures were good. Could this be a case of that? Or just a bad CPU to begin with?
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