Mostly built HTPC - Audio connection question

OK, this is probably really stupid but my mobo manual and case manual are speaking different languages with the HD connectors.
Here are the culprits:

CASE diagram HDA signal

MOBO diagram HD signal

(I am really new to this image embedding stuff so bare with me if it does not work the first time)

Problems are pins 4,5, 6, 7, 9 and 10. They seem really close but pin 6 does not seem close at all. ground vs MIC2_JD?

Any ideas? I do not have the HTPC up and running yet as I have yet to get my OS but it POSTs fine and BIOS is up and running and looking good.
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    HDA and AC'97 connectors are standardized, my money is on someone screwed up the diagram because if it call itself an HDA connection it has a certain layout, if it calls itself an AC'97 connection it has a different layout, no matter if the two manuals differ in their diagram it will still work fine.
  2. I guess since there are no other takers hunter, you get the best answer. Thanks for your help.
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