Intel E7400 Using Stock Cooling High Temps

First time poster, long time lurker. I recently built my stem from the ground up and this has been my first build. Amazingly everything went 100% smoothly. Well I decided to watch my temps because I had heard that the Intel stock fans for the Core 2 Duo's aren't the greatest. I ran a torture test using Prime95 with only 2 threads and my temps jumped up outrageously. I went ahead and decided to remove the cooler, clean the thermal paste off of it and the cpu reapply a pea sized portion, and make sure the push pins seated properly. Still the same thing. Below are screen shots of the temps. I'd like to play AION tomorrow night, but I'm scared to run the CPU if it's going to go to that high of a temp.

I'm using an NZXT M59 case. My side fan pulls air INTO the case, my rear fan pulls air out. Cpu fan pulls air ONTO the heatsink.

Ambient room temperature is roughly 73 F

Next Thursday I'm picking up an aftermarket cooler, but I need a solution until then. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Figured this would help too. At max my temps got to 74c
  2. Wowsers. It is your volts. They are WAY to high. CPU-Z is reporting your voltage to 1.48.

    Your VID is 1.2875. You need to fix this NOW.
  3. 1. Lower your voltage.
    2. The correct amount of thermal paste is about the size of 1-2 grains of rice, not the size of a pea (way too much).
  4. Well I used just enough to get the top of the processor covered by the heatsink with as much surface area as possible. Temps are still WAY too high even if I just had the heatsink sitting on a 1mm layer of thermal. Anyways contacted EVGA, they're RMAing the motherboard, and I'm going to RMA the processor to as we troubleshooted all we could, but appears to be something wrong with the voltage regulators.
  5. Or you could just manually set the voltage in your BIOS to 1.2875v.
    That would do the trick.
  6. > the Intel stock fans for the Core 2 Duo's aren't the greatest

  7. As I stated before and others after me. It is your VOLTS. Did you set the voltage to what it is supposed to be at and still have it shoot all the way up to 1.4?

    MRFS yes the coolers may not be the greatest but they actually get the job done. The proof is the OP in this thread. His cpu was overvoltaged by a HUGE amount and the cpu was still inside its operating temperature.
  8. Ok, this issue has been resolved. Initially yes I had set the voltages to Intel's specs and they were still shooting up. I reflashed the BIOS and I was finally able to get the proper voltage by setting it manually. The Auto function isn't so helpful.
  9. LOWER YOUR VOLTAGE BEFORE U BURN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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