Gaming Comp Turns on for 1 second then off!

I just built a new gaming computer and finished it yesterday. It ran for about 2 hours then just shut off without making any noises/beeps. Now.. if I hit the power button it turns on the lights and fans for about a second and then shuts off. I tried the paper clip test and the PSU turns my fans and my lights on. Does this mean the Mobo is junk? Everything is brand new! :(

My specs.

720 G Seagate HD SATA
NVDIA GeForce 295 GTX
AMD Phenom 4x Black Edition
750W Corsair PSU
ASUS M4A79T Deluxe Motherboard AM3
2 X2G Corsair Dominator DDR3

Any help would be appreciated! This is my very first computer build so I don't know very much on the technical aspects of it.
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  1. You need to connect a small speaker to the speaker header located next to the power and reset switch headers on the board. See what beeps you get.
  2. Very similar to what mine is doing.
  3. The symptom itself is just the BIOS resetting in an effort to boot. It can be an indication of many things on it's own.
  4. True. I just don't know how to find out what it is. And I don't have a speaker to hook up. :( I might try another motherboard tomorrow as a a friend has an extra.
  5. You can get a speaker for that pretty cheap at a local store. If you plan to build more computers it's a worthwhile investment and saves a lot of trial and error, esp with assembling/disassembling/reassembling entire motherboards.
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