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I had 2 256 memory sticks in my laptop which upgraded by buying 2, ddr 1 gb sticks. I checked a few sites to insure capatibility. After installing my computer turns on but does not boot up. I read some of the articles here which says you have to change the BIOS. Unfortunately, I can not access the BIOS thru the F2 key. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. BIOS might be through delete key as well... try that as well. Also try it with just 1 dimm at a time in each slot
  2. Thanks for the response! The delete key did not work but I did take out 1 at a time which did not work but put back in and well-ah, it worked. I must not have had the memory securely installed. :wahoo:

  3. haha easy mistake to miss i guess, good to hear its working all fine now :D
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