Won't boot back up after going into Standby mode - I read the sticky

I put it in standby mode last night before heading to bed. Get up this morning and turn it on, but it won't boot up. The power comes on and the fans spin up for about 3 seconds, then just shuts off. It'll do this same thing in and endless loop. I tried letting it sit with the power turned off, unplugged all the power connectors to non-essential drives, and even tried the same with the hard drives unplugged. One at a time of course. Still won't boot up.

I also removed the RAM and tried it one stick at a time, and replaced the power supply with a new 850 watt model. The CPU fan starts to spin up, and the power light comes on, but then it just shuts right back off. It'll try turning itself back on after about 10 seconds, but seems stuck in an endless loop. :fou:

Oh, it's a Gigabyte m/b, Quad Core 9500, with 2 gigs of Kingston RAM. The only things currently hooked up are the m/b and hard drives.
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  1. Reset the BIOS.
  2. I've got the battery pulled right now. It's been about an hour so far. It doesn't even get to POST. I'll try it again in about 30 minutes. :(

    That should reset the BIOS, correct?
  3. Yep.

    Did you have a junk PSU in there? A bad spike from the switch to (or from) +5VSB might have taken out the board.
  4. Not that I'm aware of. It was a BFG 550 watt power supply. Replaced it with an 850 watt Thermaltake though. Same issue.
  5. The BFG LS-550 was decent... If that's the model. Some BFG PSUs have been poorer quality.

    Do you happen to have a forgotten USB device plugged in?
  6. Nope, it's torn apart on my kitchen table right now. I believe my Blackberry was plugged into it that night, but nothing right now. I had noticed
    the little "plug in/unlpug" USB sound happening at weird times however. Maybe I'll try unplugging the usb connectors on the m/b too. I still haven't put the battery back in and tried. Probably after this beer and cigarette. :)
  7. Well, put the battery back in and tried again. All USB connections unplugged. No luck. The power supply fan comes on, the CPU fan starts to spin, and then it all just stops. Repeat over and over again. :(
  8. Without having test parts it's hard to say for sure, but if you want my guess I would say the MB simply died.

    My second choice would be a dead CPU.
  9. Great. Luckily I have a friend who just built a new i7 PC, and has an extra Quad Core and MB laying around. I might see if I can use it to test, and possibly purchase.
  10. So I put a new m/b and power supply in the case. The PC will now start up, and apparently post, but I can't seem to get into the BIOS. It stops before that. The m/b has a digital readout for POST codes which is nice, but when I look up the one I'm seeing it says "reserved". Real helpful.

    It's an EVGA m/b, and the post code shown is 0d.
  11. Also I can't get it to display anything on the monitor. I've tried two different video cards, and two monitors.
  12. Yeah, I went through all of that. :(
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