Disable Web Desktop?

I need to find a way to disable this function:

1. Rightclick Desktop
2. Properties
3. Desktop Tab
4. Customize Desktop
5. Web Tab

We have used the gpedit.msc to enforce a standard background for all PC's, Users are going to this location linking to a image and maximizing it to create a "Makeshift" background that technically is just a layer over the actual background which is still there.

Anyway I can disable this function?

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  1. Not sure if this will work, but in policy editor, go to User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Desktop\Active Desktop and change "disable active desktop" to enabled.
  2. After looking at more polices, I see that "disable active desktop" should be disabled (verify this) and User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Desktop\Active Desktop "prohibit changes" should be enabled. This will remove the "web" tab.
  3. Perfect thank you!
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