Timing vs speed

what is more important in ram, the timing or the speed?

ie 7-7-7-20 at 1066 or 9-9-9-24 at 1600

and how much of a difference will this affect my build (or is it negligible?)

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  1. id go with the 1600 ram, however real life performance difference would be pretty small
  2. i forgot to add this as well but if i buy 1600 ram and my mobo only supports 1333 will it just drop down to the lower speed automatically or do i have to manually adjust it
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    If you aren't going to OC,go for the cheaper one because the difference isn't noticeable in general apps/gaming.
    However if you are going to OC,it depends on the CPU you are getting,if you are getting an Intel Core i5/i7,then i would choose DDR3 1600
  4. Yea itll auto drop to 1333 or whatever your CPU supports, but then you can go into bios and put it back to 1600
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  6. A simple analogy would be .... "What's more important to me getting to work on time, the sped limit or how many stop signs and lights I deal with. "

    The sped of the memory is like the speed limit fast it goes, when it's going. CAS is like the stop signs / traffic lights's how long the memory waits between each instruction.

    A 920 at default will run memory at 1066 w/ 133 BCLK

    133 BCLK x 8 mem multiplier = 1066
    133 BCLK x 20 CPU multiplier = 2.66 GHz

    Memory OC
    133 BCLK x 12 mem multiplier = 1600
    133 BCLK x 20 CPU multiplier = 2.66 GHz

    System OC
    167 BCLK x 8 mem multiplier = 1333
    167 BCLK x 20 CPU multiplier = 3.33 GHz

    System OC
    200 BCLK x 8 mem multiplier = 1600
    200 BCLK x 20 CPU multiplier = 4.00 GHz

    So how much memory speed you buy most often depends on just how high you wanna OC. CAS Latency OTOH, relates to how long of a "stop" the memory takes between instructions.
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