HD4670: Triple Display output?

I bought an HD4670 because is featured 1xDVI, 1xHDMI & 1xVGA and I need to run three displays from it.

However, I am finding in Windows Vista & Windows 7 that I can only get 2 of the outputs to function at any time. I can run the DVI/HDMI, or DVI/VGA, or HDMI/VGA. But I can't run all three simultaneously.

My question: Is it possible to use all 3 outputs simultaneously?
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  1. Nope as in, it is not possible to use all 3 outputs? If so, why?

    If it is NOT possible, any suggestions on how I could achieve this? Based on what I read yesterday on various forums, Windows Vista/7 requires all displays to use the same WDDM driver. The systems has only one PCIe slot. Any suggestions?
  2. well it just cant, the new HD5000 series can do it with the Eyefinity tech... (3 monitors with single card, or up to 6 using the speciall edition that hasn't launched yet)

    matrox had some tripplehead2go stuff, but idk about those....
  3. I'm not gaming. I just want the extended desktop. I don't need to stretch applications across windows...My understanding was the Eyefinity & triplehead2go are for gaming/application stretching.

    Any ideas on possible solutions?
  4. get a better mobo and a second card, then you can have 4 displays... :P

    and eyefinity can do whatever you tell it to do, 3 separate displays, 3 as one big one etc...
  5. It's a one year old Dell Vostro 200...can't replace the Mobo, plus it's in a production enviroment where building my own isn't really an option.

    Has anyone had any experience with getting a PCI and a PCIe to output multiple displays on Win7/Vista? Also, it has 1xPCIe (x1) slot. Could I possible get a video card for that and run 3 displays that way?
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    1) the hd 5800 series cards would be an option
    2) otherwise youd need to get 2 of your hd 4670s to get 4 displays, the second 4670 should fit into the pcie 1x slot, however that will be a major bottleneck to the card. might be only limited to 2d immages on that screen connected to that card.
  7. A second 4670 would NOT fit into the PCIe x1 slot. It is WAY too small.

    I did find a HD 4350 on Newegg which reviewers said they used to get 3 & 4 displays in Win 7/Vista.
  8. singingigo said:
    A second 4670 would NOT fit into the PCIe x1 slot. It is WAY too small.

    acually we are both right, i forgot to mention that the pcie 1x slot had to be an open ended one :non:
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