BIOS recognizes hard drive, but can't boot

hi, as the title says, my BIOS recognizes my hard drive, but I can't boot for some reason.

My motherboard is a M4a79xtd EVO and my hard drive is a Samsung Spinpoint F3 OEM that i got off newegg

I've checked the power and sata cables and nothing seems wrong, and i can hear the hard drive spinning.
So is it because i have a crappy hard drive? or did I do something wrong in trying to recognize the hard drive?
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  1. You'll need to provide more info. Did you format the drive and install an OS?
  2. What error messages are you getting?
  3. Proximon said:
    You'll need to provide more info. Did you format the drive and install an OS?

    not yet. I basically just built it and when i started it up, it didn't recognize the hard drive, even though the BIOS recognized it.
    I tried to install an OS, but because the hard drive wasn't recognize, I couldn't.

    The error messages i'm getting are

    "Hard disk is not detected"
    "Reboot and select boot device..."
  4. When you boot from the Windows CD it doesn't recognize and format the drive?
  5. Right. Sorry to hijack, but I have the same issue. Bios reads HD but when I start windows CD says No hard drive detected.
  6. i had a similar issue, turned out i was using the slave end of the ide cable not the master end, try that, short of that i cant think of any other reason
  7. Spinpoint F3 would be a SATA drive. Could be a BIOS setting though.
  8. well, it turns out that my optical drive wasn't plug in all the way or something to that affect because when I put in the Windows CD, it started working.

    But I'm still getting the screen that says the hard disk isn't detected, but Windows has been installed anyway.
  9. What you could try is changing the bios setting for the sata drives from AHCI to IDE.

    Some motherboards don't seem to find sata drives in the enhanced (AHCI) mode.

    Give it a try and see what happens
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