Is my hard drive dead?

I have facing problem using my hard drive which is a wd caviar blue 320GB(model WD3200AAJS).I tried to overclock my cpu in bios and then save settings and when the pc restarted it just showed the mother board logo and do nothing. i tried to enter settings and boot menu but strangely my motherboard cannot recognize the hard drive
(which was running perfectly just 5 minutes ago) .

it only detected the dvd rom on another sata drive. i restarted again and only the logo showed up and i waited and after along time it says disk boot failure and insert system disk and boot from cd.

i was using windows 7 32 bit and i inserted the cd and when setup started after sometime it said setup cannot find any hard drive(i tried with xp cd but it also says the same thing)

so i tried to change the sata ports but without any result.

(this same problem happened a month ago and i changed the ports 3-4 times and installed win7 fresh and my pc ran smoothly without any problem)

i have another 40 GB hitachi hard drive with xp and when i connected that my pc ran without any problem.

but when i connect the 320 gb to recover data my working 40GB hard drive cannot boot and says windows cannot start.

but when i disconnect the 320GB there is no problem.

so this means my 320GB is dead? :( and if it is is there any way to recover data from it or is it completely gone?
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  1. These WD blu-es have weak control cirquits /the electronics on the disk/. It's pretty much possible it to be dead. But your data to be kept still in tact inside your disk. Unless you know how to find identical controller and to change the dead one on your drive or know somebody who can do this /or a firm offering this service near you/ it will remain unaccesable.
  2. Yea it sounds like you may need to swap PCBs but newer drives also sometimes require the at the actual firmware chip be moved as well. This will take some soldering skills and an identical doner board.
  3. reset your bios to defaults . download the wd diagnostics iso for dos and burn it to cd. boot off of it and run the tests to confirm the drive is bad.
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