What should i choose...?

A dvd writer or a 8gb pendrive/micro sd card? :p
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  1. well that would kinda depend on what you use it for

    8gb usb/sd is fine to transfer stuff between 2 computers

    dvd writer is great if you need to burn lots of data out for storage/backup or to view downloaded movies on your dvd player.
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    If it's for long-term storage, let me point out that you see a lot more posts about failed USB drives here than about failed DVDs. As Godiwa wrote, the USB drive is good to more data. I won't depend on them for long-term storage.
  3. okay so as far as for long term usage the DVD is far better then pen drive...
    but pen drives are faster in terms of data storing and transferring i guess....

    BUT again as you say failure/problem related to pen drive are more then DVDs then it is better to get a DVD writer...

    thanx for both of you... this is sufficient for me to get a DVD writer thnx....
  4. Yea long term storage go with a DVD writer, you can actually backup far more than 8GB by buying additonal DVDs. CDRs/DVDRs do not last forever though, if this is for long-term storage, I would re-write them periodcally and keep 2 copies.
  5. Ok thnx Godiwa, WyomingKnott, tokencode .........
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