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What is the best 775 intel CPU too buy for a high end gaming system?

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December 11, 2009 3:20:08 PM

What is the best upgrade for a motherboard and Intel 775 Socket Cpu to buy for a gaming System? If you don't want to upgrade to the new i5 or i7 technology? And that will play any game for the next couple of years? I want to build a new gaming system under $400.00 bucks if possible? I have Intel P4 3.0 800 Ghz single core CPU running on a 775 Socket Mobo with a Nvivdia 9800 GT Video card... What is the best upgrade for me that will last at least 3 yrs which will enable me to play any game in my cpu without any problem? Until I upgrade to the new i7 Technology? I mainly play WOW, SIMS 3, and Modern Warfare...

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December 11, 2009 3:24:08 PM

Thanks Man!
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December 11, 2009 11:01:53 PM

Do not just go out and buy the q9950. While it is a really good cpu and the microcenter price is just plain great beware. You need to check if your motherboard can actually run it. While they are the same socket they are vastly different chips. And there isnt any chipsets that where out when a single core p4 was that can run a q9950.

You MUST look up whats the best cpu your board can run. It most likely can not run any core based cpus at all.

Even so. With your 400 dollar or less budget you can still get a nice upgrade. Even more so If you got a microcenter around. You could get an i5 cpu/board and ram. You could get a nice Phenom II based system as well.

Also do not get caught up in the cpu for gaming. the GPU is more important. I do not follow the entire gpu market as closely as the cpu market. Espsically since frickin nvidia rebrands all there gpus all the time.

Post full system specs and the resolution you play at and people will give some great ideas on what to upgrade and how much to spend.
December 12, 2009 11:15:06 AM

the newer core 2 chips don't always fit in with the older 775 motherboards that could run the p4, you need to check the model of your mobo and see if what core 2 chips it can run, if you can post it here we could probably help you, otherwise if you plan on sticking with the lga 775 buy a newer or more current mobo then compare the prices then some of the older core chips that first came out might fit into your mobo just fine but like i said check the model first and then see if the newer core 2 processors fit in there