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ok, i am having 4 problems with my comp. some more important than others. and i would really like to get some advice on this or too see if anyone else is having the same problem. i know it is a lot to read but i would really really appreciate a response. Thanks.

1. First and Foremost. Random Reboots. I get random reboots every day. i am playing a game or just browsing the web and all of a sudden my comp reboots with no freeze up or anything. my screen just goes blank and my comp quickly reboots. this is incredibly annoying and has been going on for months now. I Have a DP45SG Motherboard and have read that people with this motherboard have been having the same problem. i was wondering if anyone has or had this mobo and found or know a solution to this if they had the same prob.
2. i am running vista ult 64bit and i have a 500 GB Hard Drive and everyday, i see drops of several GB of hard drive space and found a temporary solution by using disk cleanup and deleting shadow copies and system restore point. but i will like to find a permanent solution.
3. third most important is reboot time. I used to have with Vista Ultimate 64 bit a start up time of 22 sec. then i installed two new framework 3.5 hotfix updates from Microsoft and as soon as i rebooted, my reboot doubled to 44 sec. I am wondering if anyone else had or has this problem. I know it is not a virus because after the reboot everything is fast and smooth as when i first got it. (except for the random reboots). This problem started a few moths ago in June.
4. least important. now this prob does not affect performance at all because my GPU can not use all of the bandwith. But i have dual X16 Gen 2 PCI Express slots of my mobo and i have a GTX 280 GPU and when look in cpu-z i see only a bandwith of x8 out of x16. now i tried unplugging the GPU and putting it back . I also tried plugging it into the other PCI X16 express slot. I also tried unstalling the drivers and reinstalling them. And i always make sure i always have the latest Nvidia Drivers.

Thank you for your help if you respond.
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  1. 1. Run memtest86+ and check for errors. Tell us about your power supply.
    Please list all your hardware.
  2. oh and no errors on mem test
  3. evongugg said:
    1. Run memtest86+ and check for errors. Tell us about your power supply.
    Please list all your hardware.

    My hardware is
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Stock Clocked
    Intel DP45SG Mobo
    Kingston 8GB of DRR3 1333 RAM, Ram Timings of 5-5-5-15
    Nvidia GTX 280
    Creative Fatality Pro Sound Card
    Hatachi 500 GB 7200 RPM 16 MB Chache Hard Drive
    My power supply is a 750 W corsair with a single 12 volt rail with 80 plus amps per rail.
    and i have Vista Ultimate 64 bit fully updated.
  4. What is your memory volrtage?
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