What graphics card??

Hi everyone!

I just wanna get a few peoples opinions on this. I want to get a new graphics card that will play all games at a res of 1440x900. Money isnt an issue as its for my bday :D However, i am worried that i will be my cpu will be a bottlneck :??:

My specs:
Amd 3800+x2 @2.6 ghz,
Abit KN8 ultra nforce 4 mobo,
2gb geil ddr400 ram,
Gigabyte 4670 512mb graphics card,
1Tb Samsung f3 hard drive,
650watt Enermax psu (non modular grrrrrr lol),
All in a Antec 900 case :ange:

What graphics card do u guys think would be good? I am interested in the Ati 5850 but im really worried that my cpu is just too slow and is gonna limit the fps in games?

Thx for all your help :)

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  1. If you playing at 1440x900, the games will be so fast that the bottleneck won't make a difference anyway. at your res though, why not just get a 4850? they are below $100 now
  2. There would be very little point in anything more powerful than a 4850, 4870 at most, until you get a better CPU and wish to game on a larger display.

    You might want to consider waiting around for the 5700(5600 a bit later) series as the power consumption/temperatures/features might end up a lot better than a 4850... though they would still be limited by the cpu.. and provide far more fps than you need at the resolutions in question (unless you require dx11).
  3. Yea i have thought about the upcoming 5700 series, dont know any specs about them though and how they are going to perform. I am hoping to get a bigger monitor soon too just so you all know, probs a 24 inch so then il be gaming at 1920x1200. Would the choice of graphics card be different then?
  4. Yes! if you want DX11, you should go ahead and get the 5850. If you are looking to save money and don't care about dx11 (since it probably won't be noticably used for a long time anyway), you should get a 4870 or 4890. both are fairly cheap now. i think the 5850 would be a waste. Here's why: the first dx10 cards were the 3800 series. by the time dx10 actually was used in any games, they couldn't run it anyway. I think you should wait until the 6800 series to get a dx11 card.
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