What size is a midi pc case

what size is a miditower case? is this to small as i am building a pc
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  1. I am not familiar with the term "miditower". Does it have something to do with music?

    Here are some typical case designations:

    atx desktop
    atx full tower
    atx mid tower
    atx mini tower
    micro-atx desktop
    micro-atx mid tower
    micro-atx mini tower
    micro-atx slim tower
    mini-itx desktop
    mini-itx tower

    The most common size is the atx mid tower case. The mid tower cases have a range of sizes. Here is a link to a sample of some mid-tower cases:


    The very first case in the list is the Antec Nine Hundred. It is the most popular pc case with game enthusiasts. According to an email I received from newegg.com two days ago, the case is their all time number one best seller.
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