Manually changing the speed to DDR2-667

i am change out memory in a friends computer ans wen i take out the original 512 stick i will not boot up and beeps no mater what position i put the new 1gig sticks in it does this it will only reboot if the 512 is in with the 512 and 1 1gig stick in it will read as 1.5 gigs the manufacture of the memory said to manually changing the speed to DDR2-667 can anyone tell me how to do this
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  1. First try using 1 x 1GB stick and turn on system. If no beeps, turn off, then add the second 1 x 1GB stick. If you hear a beep, then you have likely determined that one of the RAM sticks are bad.

    Secondly, to change the speed, voltage, and timing (very important), you adjust the settings in the BIOS. Not all BIOS are the same, so you'll have to check the motherboard manual or contact the computer manufacturer (if this is not a home build) for the BIOS manual.
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