Bottleneck ?!. Or no .

I bought a Powercolor Ati radeon 4870 1GB GDDR5
I have and AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ @3.08 GHZ ( superclocked ) + Adv cooling
I can run all of my games ON MAX (smooth)
Crysis DX10 Ultra high 1440 X 980 around 30 FPS
Is my X2 4000+ bottlenecking my Videocard ?

Motherboard : BIOSTAR NF-560 A2G AM2+ PciE X16 2.1
RAM:4 x 1 GB DDR2 800Mhz Transcend
PSU:MS Industries Pro 550W

I know its a dumb question , but i heard that some CPUs are bottlenecking the 4870 .
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  1. If i set everything low in crysis than its playable . and when i increase GFX from min to Ultra high the FPS rate fall around 3-4 FPS . So its good .

    ThX man .
  2. If you REDUCE the detail but your FPS does not increase dramatically then you have a bottleneck... With crysis your always goin to be hitting a GPU bottleneck anyway with todays hardware...That game is just too demanding!

    If your only getting a 4fps increase when u drop to MIN....then that actually sounds like a bottleneck! Try adding on 2xAA and get some extra usage out of that G-card...because its bottlenecked anyway you shouldnt see a decrease in FPS, however if you DO get lower FPS then your system is not bottlenecked...haha, sorry for the confusion!
  3. hey darkslayer, i have a 4200+ and just put in a 4890 and im getting a severe cpu bottleneck. mine isn't oc'd like urs, but i would think that you will probably also be getting a cpu bottleneck.

    i think ur best option is to go for a new AM3 chip - u should see a big boost in fps.
  4. if i set everything low in crysis the FPS rate increases Dramaticaly . ( around 150FPS )

    amd when i set everything to ultra high , than i get a smooth 30 . ( In DX 10 )
  5. There probably is a slight bottleneck but nothing to worry about.
  6. i wouldn't recommend running crysis at very high with the 4870 1GB since the minimums drop too low, stick to high and it should be fine, not like there is much of a difference anyways
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