Problems with my SSD/motherboard

Ok, so I just got my SSD and new memory, since then I'm having problems, really weird ones.

Randomly, my windows OS freezes and when I "RESET" without putting power off the motherboard it gives me a boot error, not finding a drive to boot with. However when i disconnect power of my motherboard (off button) and start it again, it goes to windows again etc.


Gigabyte P55-UD3 (Flashed last BIOS)
OCZ vertex 3 120gb SSD
DDR3-1333 8GB memory (G.SKILL)

Hope you guys can help me with this issue, these random freezes are really irritating.

I already tried disabling the XHD feature on my motherboard and set it to IDE, without any success.
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  1. EDIT: Just enabled AHCI to see if it resolves any problems. Hope AHCI will fix this issue now.
  2. Least my Windows assessement score went from 7.5 to 7.8. Pity my motherboard has a SATA II controller ;-(

    Pity i can't edit my messages :(
  3. Did enabling AHCI mode solve the problem?
  4. The freezes are really random, so far I have no problems yet, I also did all the things the tweaking guide on this forum suggested and no problems whatsoever yet, let's hope it stays this way!
  5. Seems AHCI fixed my problems, which is really 'odd' to say the least, I'm not getting my hopes up yet. But no crashes so far. *bows to AHCI* :-P
  6. Ok, seems i got my hope up to soon, let my pc run overnight and still the same problem, its like the power goes off the ssd and wont come back on unless you restart your computer completely. A faulty SSD or motherboard?
  7. Have you set power management settings to turn off hard disks from 20 minutes to never?
  8. Yes, I did
  9. I guess it has nothing to do since it's a SATA III SSD and i have a SATA II controller right?
  10. SMART read;

    174: SSD Unexpected power loss count Total number of unexpected power loss: 10

  11. I found the problem, i update my firmware from 2.06 (i believe) to 2.11 and I had no more blue screens anymore!
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