What graphics card will i need to run games on a 24 inch monitor?

Well, im looking to make a computer for my self but am also planning on gettting a new monitor (or a TV) to use it with. It needs HDMI for my 360.

Anyways, i've narrowed it down to four:




I know that to play games on this size of a screen i'll need a good graphics card, (with HDMI or at least DVI) to play a game at a decent Frame rate. I, however, am not willing to pay for a 5870 (ps, it needs to be ATI).

I was thinking which video card i should use and i found a few, but i probably won't be buying till woord comes about the 5850 (price drop!)

anyways, here a few cards i find to be good:



any other good video cards would be aprieciated, thanks

Probable system Specs:
X4 940 BE
Gigabyte mobo w/ ATI 3300 integrated
4 gig patriot viper
500 GB harddrive (seagate)
550 or 600w PSU

Thanks, and yes, i just joined
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  1. Well don't buy any of those because the 5750 and 5770 will be out within the week. Both should be more than capable of handling 1920x1200 resolution.
  2. sapphire is a good brand to go with. The 4770's are nice because they are manufactured at 40nm and thus are energy efficient and run cool. If $120 is your limit then I would say go with that. Otherwise, if you can spend say $50 more, go with a 4890. You can get them pretty cheap after MIR.
  3. Ya, it seems like i'll wait for the 5750 to come out, but i might get a 4890 cause the price drops.

    But would the 3300 which would come with my mobo be able to run atleast TF2 on mediocre settings on a 24 inch display?
  4. The integrated chipset isn't that great.

    About your 24-inch monitor. You CAN drop the game resolution down as well as the quality if you have issues. There's nothing demanding you to run at the full screen resolution.

    If the new 5750 or whatever is coming out you definitely want to wait for that. You may be antsy to game NOW but you'll be kicking yourself later maybe.

    If you really can't wait and won't invest in the HD5850 then consider the HD4770. It's 90% the performance of the HD4870 but consumes much less energy with the new 40nm process.

    Personally, I'm holding off to see what NVidia offers but all indications are between December and March for the launch dates.
  5. ya, i'm planning on waiting for the 5850 to come out, because that will atleast spark some price drops., but i am leanig to ATI because im liking their power usage and style. But if Nvidia's 300 series is mind-blowing, i'll definately go for that
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