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So I purchased a new computer and have now installed all the drivers and updates, downloaded the evga precision, etc. My display max is still at 1024x768.. Why? I use to run this same monitor at 1920x1024 on my old computer which was a core 2.. How come on my new i7 I can only run it at 1024x768?
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  1. anyone?
  2. MM is a 275 mastermind. Where did you get the drivers from?
  3. need more details if u want us to help. make a little effort to inform us, we cannot read your mind, nor hack in to you computer for the ip address that you r using to post this thread, or could I?

    the reason why no1 is answering is because of the detail is little to nothing. it's like when a girl yell my computer has gotten slow and i just bought it. >_<!
  4. So i bought and built an i7 computer with a gtx 275 in it. The drivers are from nvidia.com. I don't really know what info you need..

    The monitor i am using is http://www.samsung.com/me/products/monitor/lcdmonitors/932b.asp except mine is black. This monitor has the same model number as mine so i assume its the same.

    The whole build is new like I said before, and after full updates and driver installs, under the display settings, the max setting is 1024x768. On my old core 2 i could go up to 1920x1024 like I said.

    The only change I really made is a new system, and that I am using the digital connection (white connector) instead of the blue (i guess analog?) connector..

    Please let me know what info you need :D
  5. This may be a stupid question but, "Are you using the 64 bit 190.38 nVidia drivers?"
  6. according to the link you provided, your monitor supports a maximum resolution of 1280x1024. If that link is correct there is no way that you could run such a high resolution. It is not a matter of the new PC (or drivers or anything). You probably dont remember correctly
  7. lol, most likely nothing is wrong with your video card. your old computer must have a mixed up driver. i've seen that before when i was fixing my uncle computer athlon xp, ddr ram, geforce mx440. basically 5 years old pc. i gave him my 19" samsung which i know for a fact that max rest is 1440x900, but he said he could push it to 1980x1200. i go check it out and reinstall driver. BUYA! max out at 900p.

    I donno any other answer except your old pc was using an incorrect driver.
  8. As that monitor has a max res of 1280 x 1024 I very much doubt you ever ran it at 1920 x1024 which is not even a native res.
  9. Mousemonkey said:
    As that monitor has a max res of 1280 x 1024 I very much doubt you ever ran it at 1920 x1024 which is not even a native res.

    ya apparently I was thinking of the wrong thing but I am pretty sure I ran it higher then 1280x1024 but I need to check.. either way, I still cant get it above 1024x768
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