Dvd rom not being recognized

Hello there,
I am having a problem with the motherboard detecting the cd rom drive
here is the caper in detail
I have had the drive tested (it works)
but it is not recognized by the bios or the mother board as far as I can tell.I have deleted all values for the dvd in registry and hoping on reboot it would recognize it and it did not work
Now I've read somewhere that there is some sort of cable from the dvd to the motherboard
the machine is a
F740ES from compaq
windows 7 ultimate
2 gb ram
the CD/DVD rw is AD-7530B (stock)(P-ATA)
bios version F.0A
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  1. Check your jumper settings if its PATA. You may have it set incorrectly. Is the drive chained to any other drives on the same PATA interface?
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