Amd 960t sabertooth

Hello, my build is.

amd 960t. thermaltake contac 30 heatsink
2x4gb ddr 3 1333 cas 7
9800gtx + replacing soon
sabertooth open box mobo
ocz vertex turbo 30 gb main hd. win 7 64
overclocked to 4ghz. turbo is set to off.
ram speed is at 1332. NB and HT is at stock auto

problem is everythread i find is 960t unlocked and
overclocked. but i have not found anything on how to get it to unlock. i set everything auto and tweaked and went through the unlocker and rebooted. it failed to post mostly and when it does post / it says only 4 cores are unlocked.
thinking maybe its the bios.
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  1. the current oc is stable
    no luck on the unlock dont know why for certain.

    also my volts are at 1.325000 on the cpu.
    and bios version is 0402 has anyone had luck unlocking with this bios?
  2. Well then the other two core are it will not POST as a X6
  3. ive only built a few computers fyi. guys.
    i remember there being a website overclockers or somthing.
    where you can select your cpu and there is like
    a huge list of successful overclocks.

    like people post there specs
    and you just tweak closely off of those until u get a solid system.
    havent been able to find that resource lately.

    i have been bouncing around on google for a few weeks reading etc.

    this amd is my first amd build. and amd oc.

    if anyone knows the link for the website that shows all of these oc results

    id appreciate that. ive just been typeing in google amd 960t overclocked
    finding a few specs. and thus i have made the 4ghz mark.

    im pretty good at playing the system building game.
    APOLOGIES... i know people are thinking read the forums and your answers are here somewhere. trust me im searching them...
  4. so no one knows the website where u select your cpu
    and view the successful overclocks?
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