I5-750/SLI/USB3/SATA 6 MoBo question -Answered-

Hello, I'm building a PC $1200ish price range and I have a concern with the P55 chipset that I'm not sure is really chipset based or not.

I wanted to be sure to have the most up to date Sata and USB standards, and I was hoping to be able to SLI some Ati 5850's. The problem being, I understand that the graphics Pcie lanes are limited to 16 (8x8 SLI) with P55, and from what I can tell most of the USB3/sata6 mobo solutions involve stealing from the graphics pcie lanes making it pick and chose if you want to sli or keep the newer tech standards.

So the question is-

1. Is there a Mobo with SLI 8x8 as well as USB3/Sata6 that I can use simultaneously WITH an i5-750
2. If not, is there a Pcie card solution that isnt going to clog up tons of other resources, and is bootable.
3. If neither of the above, is there a more economy-line Mobo & power supply that would make it easier to say, save $150 to put towards a better single card but not have 2 pciex16 lanes.

Pc build atm looks like this, looking for best price/performance outa the parts. Already have all the peripherals. I am not looking for overclocking headroom if that makes a difference.

Case - got a couple in mind, full tower
Power- Diablotek 650 watt PDH650
CPU - i5-750
ram - looking at 4 gigs with room to grow to 8
GPU- 3850, room to upgrade preferable
sound- sound-blaster pciex1 card, already got it so not included in the price.
HD- 1 30-40gig SSD for boot, generic cheap storage drive

Thanks for the help/advice.
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    P7P55D-E PRO supports dedicated USB3.0 and SATAIII (with this motherboard sound card is not really needed.)


    Case (good full tower) at the same time you do not really really need a full tower and a HAF 922 would work as well (MID-Tower)

    Do you mean 5850 for the GPU?

    $129.99 SSD Good SSD.

    Fastest HDD on the market... cheapest for what it is too. get it while it lasts it hasn't been in stock in about a week and a half. $89.99

    all of this is going to possibly break your price limit a little bit, depending on a few things weather or not you have your OS and or PSU yet.
  2. Ah thanks that Mobo is exactly what I was looking for. Looks like there will even be a slot open for the sound card. All those other parts are in line with what I am looking for as well, that case is always what people recommend. I already have a copy of win7 I got for like $20 from school, and I may splurge on a better looking case but yeah, you answered my question.

    Thanks a lot!
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  4. this is a really really nice looking case for cheap it has 5 deacently large fans. $99 after rebates.
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