Can I use/access the DVD drive of another PC on the network, if so How?

I need to load software on a Laptop that I have 3 swappable DVD/CD drives yet all don't appear in Windows or Device Manager when they are inserted. They show up in BIOS. I've tried and failed to fix this every way possible, so...

NOW, I would like to attempt load if from a dvd drive of another machine on the network. This software executes from the disk (or I just cannot seem to find that files and save it to an external or thumb drive)

Is this even possible? Am I crazier then I already think I am?

Thank you in advance
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  1. yes you can you need to share the drive you wnt to use then conect to the computer using somthing like


    quick google and found this but plenty of info avalible on how to do this
  2. dont see why you cant just copy the disk to a usb flash drive if you have one
  3. I couldn't copy it to the USB or external hard drive.

    BUT, thanks, the other link worked and I'm up and running. I think google was too good in this case, I had done so many searches that they solutions I was getting were also related to my other issues

    Thank you again
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