How to link my Ethernet & WLAN adapters?

I have a PC running Windows 7 Professional which has an Ethernet-wired internet connection that I use.
If I put an Alfa AWUS036H-V5 WLAN card into the machine as well, is it possible to link the two adapters in some way - so that I can use another WLAN-enabled laptop to connect to the
internet via the Alfa card and through my Ethernet connection?
Thanks for your help.
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  1. Yes. First you’ll need to establish an ADHOC wireless connection between the desktop and laptop. Then go to the Network Connections control applet, locate the wired and wireless connections, select both, right-click, and choose Bridge Connections. That's it.

    NOTE: If you want/need to support MULTIPLE wireless devices, you can use Connectify to setup your wireless adapter in INFRASTRUCTURE mode.

    Btw, this assumes your desktop wired connection is connected to a router. If it’s NOT, but connected directly to the cable/dsl modem, then you’ll need to configure ICS on that wired connection instead (ICS will automatically do the bridging for you). That will turn your desktop into a gateway (effectively a router) for the wireless laptop.
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