04vwf2 Alienware Mobo+overclocking+cannot change uncore clock ratio?


I have a Alienware Auroura i7 920 2.67 12 gigs of 1333 ram, and a 04vwf2 motherboard. Water cooled.

I want to overclock to 4.0 however In the bios I cannot change the uncore clock ratio? So what should I do about that continue trying to overclock and how do I go about it?
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  1. I think Alienware use "stock" Intel branded motherboards. It might overclock but will have minimal settings on the stock bios. And this is assuming that Dell (which they most likely did) didn't put their own version of the bios on it.

    I did here of a program called SetPLL that was used to overclock an Alienware R2 but never used it myslef.

    My advice, ditch Dell.
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