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Hello everyone,
I am getting real stumpped over my quad core. I recently bought Windows 7 after using the RC for a couple of months. A friend of mine told me that he found that a lot of people are not getting the full power out of their quad cores because they only have 2 cores active. Now, I checked my device manager and I see that my computer has two entries for my Q9550. Is this normal? Does this have something to do with ACPI?
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    Not normal.

    Does task manager show 4 cpu blocks? Prob not.

    Things to check/consider. Is your board running a BIOS with support for your current cpu.

    Check in the BIOS and make sure all 4 cores are showing in there.

    Did you recently upgrade from a dual core? And if so did you do you do a clean install of the OS.

    Give us some more info. Board model/current BIOS/cpu-z etc.
  2. The Q9550 is a pair of dual core dies but together (hence 6+6 MB L2). Each of those entries is a dual core. Go to your sidebar gadgets, and click "add more". On the Microsoft website download a quad core ready cpu monitor.

    You ever just forget?

    Open task manager and select "one graph per CPU."

    Try CPUz too.
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