Newbie With Cable Issue!

Take a look at this cable:

I was told I needed to purchase this along with a Sony slimline slot load optical drive.

I have the two red cables attached to the drive and the other end of the red cable to the mobo.

What do I plug the white one into? I am assuming an IDE power plug?

This is a new build. When the machine powers up everything is fine in bios except it doesn't recognize the drive. Says "Sata 2 Incompatible Press F1 To Continue". The drive makes no noise, has no light, etc.. Almost like there is no power.

I am trying to load Ubuntu but can't as the drive ain't alive.

This is my first build and everything went fine until this happened.

Bios does not recognize the drive at all. I assign it CDROM and changed the boot priority. Still the same.

Is the drive DOA? Do I have the white plug in the wrong place. The SATA HD wasn't recognized until I plugged that into the motherboard with a cable that came with it. The problem is the plugs on that cable are SATA.

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  1. I assume the drive you've purchased is a SATA drive and that your motherboard has SATA ports.

    You need two connections - a data connection and a power connection. The data connection runs from the motherboard to the optical drive, and it will use the cable WITHOUT the white connector.

    The power connection comes from your power supply - chances are you've already got a cable coming out of your power supply that will fit into the optical drive - if so, you don't need the cable with the white connector on it. The white connector is for IDE drives, just ignore it for a SATA drive.
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