Bad mother board or CPU

How can you determine a bad mother bd. or a bad CPU?
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  1. Swap out the CPU and see if the problem persists.

    Perhaps if you explanined your problem/symptoms we could better help you. Most times problems turn out to be memory related.
  2. The computer will not start up. Power supply does not turn on. Tested PSU out of case (shorted pin 14 to ground) all voltages were good. Only odd thing I noticed is when I plugin the AC cord a little green lite comes on the MOBO. When I unplug the AC cord the green light stays on for about 10 seconds then shuts off, at that instant the CPU blower and PSU blower turn on for a second then go off. Does this indicate a bad CPU or MOBO?
  3. It doesn't necessarily indicate anything. Are you getting any beeps from your motherboard? You may need an external speaker to hear it.

    Check your cpu's Heatsink. Make sure it's installed properly and you didn't over use the thermal paste. The computer may be shutting down instantly in order to prevent the CPU from burning up.

    The green LED on the board just indicates it's getting power. It takes a few seconds to turn off due to capacitors holding their charge. This is normal.
  4. Changed the CPU, PC comes on for 15-20 seconds then shuts off
  5. If you are certain of these things.

    1. PSU is good.
    2. CPU and heatsink/HSF is installed properly
    3. ram is correct and video card is hooked up

    then you should at least get the bios posting. Are you sure the PSU is ok? I've had PSU that would start up when shorting the green and black wire yet would still fail under load.

    Anyhow, if you are certain of these things and the board is still under warranty, I'd RMA it.
  6. I will double check the CPU heat sink and swap PSU. Thanks will let you know
  7. artminchin said:
    How can you determine a bad mother bd. or a bad CPU?

    dear sir how can i itell if the mother board in my pc s bad will it still powr on even if the board or the cpu is bad what sysyems wil lt give. my pc will power on but shows no image on the screen how do I trouble shoot my board and cpu and how can I tell what type board my pc uses or any pc
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