Will HD 6850 Bottleneck with my current config??????

i was wondering to buy a new gpu HD6850.
my current specs are as follows...

intel core 2 duo E7200 @ 2.53 GHz
Asus P5KPL-CM Mobo
Transcend 3GB DDR2 @660Mhz
Corsair GS600 psu
19 Inch view sonic LCD monitor

i want to play all the latest games....like BF3,NFS RUN...
i have the following Q's .....
will 6850 Bottle neck my current config?
if it bottlenecks then if i OC'd my procy will it be any use?
how much do i have to OC my Procy if possible for avoiding bottleneck?
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  1. You would be best to OC the CPU to 3.0GHz or higher (plenty of reports close to 3.5GHz), but that isn't a horrible combination. You won't be playing the latest games on high detail / resolution regardless of what you do. Temper your expectations and accept medium detail and you are good until you go with a new PC down the road.

    What type of memory config do you have to have 3GB? 2x1GB and 2x512MB?
  2. ....i have transcend ram 1x2GB and 1 x 1GB.....
    i currently have a 9600 gso. 384 MB..i ve experienced serious lags in the games like nfs run ,bf3 and saintsrow 3...with my current card...
    ..running on medium would be more than enuf for me.....
    thanks for the reply..
  3. You should get new RAM sticks that match. It's important to run your RAM in dual channel mode which requires that you have two matching sticks. RAM is so cheap now, there is no reason not to upgrade.
  4. im getting another 2 GB DDR2 ram....soon
    i wud have got 4GBDDR3 corsair if my mobo has supported... :(
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