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After a lot of thinking, forums, reviews... I'm more confused than ever!

I finally decided, (for now), that I'm going with a I5 750. At first I was thinking about buying a GA-P55M-UD4 and crossfire later with a 5770, but I finally decided to go with a 5850 and not crossfire.

So now, I'm looking for a cheap, yet reliable, alternative to the motherboard I first thought of buying.

I haven't given much thought about the H55/H57 chipshet, but they might be a nice alternative.

So here I my needs, and I await your recommendations...

LGA 1156
Micro Atx Form Factor
No crossfire
No overclocking, at least for 2 years or so.

I will probably buy on ( canada ), so if the board is there, it's even better! ( or cheaper elsewhere available in canada )

Thanks a lot!
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