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My system is about 2 months old right now and im using an M4 64gig SSD for my boot drive c: with windows installed on it. I have a storage drive 1tb HDD F: for music and everything else. For the longest time my C: drive didnt go over 30 gigs. I wanted to keep about half of it free. But recently i just noticed a disk space error and my C: was practically completely filled up. I cleaned up a few things but still only have 9 gigs free.. I dont know how im accidently putting information on the SSD but I wanted eveything to go to the HDD. How do I clean up my SSD C: drive to get it back to about 30 gigs.. and how do I make sure it doesn't fill up again and everything gets loaded to my F:? Does everyone else just make their own files for there storage device? Thanks for your time
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  1. You need to determine what is being stored on the SSD. It could be a problem with temp files, or your browser caching too much, or malware is using your PC as a file server!
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