Need advice for which raid to pick and number of drive to use

I got six 80gb raptors on the way and need advice on what raid implementation to choose. I want max performance and seek the advice from user that have experience. I have avoided raid up until now, because of its complicated nature and the headache's it can cause. It will be onboard raid controller from Crosshair IV formula. It will be a Data drive not being booted from "NO OS"

So what should i use?

Raid 0 Four Drives
Raid 0 Six Drive

Raid 10 Four Drive
Raid 10 Six Drives
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  1. Wow, I really hope you did not buy six old 80 gig raptors and someone is just sending you left overs after an upgrade or something. Anyway, my suggestion, toss them all in a recycle bin and get a single large drive. Exactly what kind of performance are you looking for?
  2. Why are these drives no good, it is a little to late as i have already paid for them. Please explain why you say that. I not after large storage capacity. I am aware of newegg's deals for example they are WD Black drives for $65 for there 500 or 750 GB or green drives that are 1tb for 59$. Like said i not after a large hdd.

    The performance i am looking for is reduced load times on PC games and know that everything else hardware wise is fine and the storage it were i need to focus on. And i was hoping could achieve that with implementing raid with the 80gb raptors.
  3. I would have preferred an SSD for the OS drive, and a single large drive for storage. I don't think you are going to feel like the advantage of that RAID array is going be anywhere near what it is costing you, especially for games.
  4. I would say Raid 10 Six Drives
  5. I was going to get the OCZ Solid 3 60GB model for 115$, but after viewing several manufactures forums and seeing how many people are struggling to get them to even work, units dropping dead in first 48 hours or failing at the one year point, ect I just get the feeling they are not fully mature technology and am not to sure in investing it in yet. And yes i know they are very fast indeed.

    As for cost Each raptor cost less than 15$, and you couldn't even buy a open box regular sata drive on newegg for that price.

    Thanks for you input.
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