Green and red lines flashing on my monitor

Hi, i need help , yesterday my montior started having red and gren lines flashing every 2 seconds or so all over my desktop lcd monitor..I dont know what is causing this and would like to fix it..I have vista ultimate, graphics card is a nvidia GeForce 7600 GS with heatsink, monitor is HP vs17e..My resolution is set to 1280 by 1024 , which is what i always have it set to..75hz is the refresh rate...Is there something wrong with my monitor, video card or my motherboard ? please help ..
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  1. First thing is test it on a different monitor and see what happens. If nothing is wrong on the other monitor most likely it is something wrong with your monitor.
  2. could also be your graphics card..

    you should check on the specs of your monitor.. i know a lot of comp monitor's refresh rate is optimal at 60hz
  3. sounds like the video card u need to borrow another 1 from a friend to test it on your pc if its good then u know 4 sure its the card. If you have on board graphics the take the card out and see if it does the same
  4. Changing the resolution all of a sudden did not make a diiference anymore, it still happens in the 800 x 600, I went and plugged in another monitor which works perfectly on my other pc and when i plugged it in , the lines are still appearing on the screen...I also received a message on the bottom right corner that said "display driver has stopped working and has been fully recovered "

    also took a screenshot -
  5. well like i said its the graphic card trust me i just had the same thing happen to me
    and 4 off my friends this is getting out of hand i wonder if its a bad driver screwing up the nvidia cards. immmmmmmmm
    ps do u play sacred 2

    pps when u boot your pc do u get grabled letters as the bios boots up?
  6. The 7-series video cards have had some memory issues. I RMA'd 3 7900GT cards. I would change out the video card.
  7. I dont play sacred 2, as im not much of a gamer..Will go ahead and get new video card..i have gigabyte geforce 7 ..which of these is recommended for me to upgrade to between geforce 8, 9, 100, or 200 series and what name brand is recommended ? Not looking to spend more than 100 dolars on it..Should i get with heatsink or fan, if with fan im looking for one that has a quiet fan but have no idea on which to get...My computer is a hp are my specs -
  8. Would a geforce 8 be much of an improvement from geforce 7 ?
  9. yes but get the latest graphic card you can something in the 9xxx series or the new ati 57xx which is out soon
  10. thanks will go shopping today for a video card ..
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