What GPU for my motherboard

i am looking to spend $50 - $80 on a graphics card at
This is pretty much the best game i will be running

This is the mother board i have......

I have picked out these 2 GPU's they seem to be pretty good???
The first one is my favorite right now..
The only difference between them is the the Memory size and memory clock from what i can tell..!! (difference is underlined)

Radeon HD 4670 1GB -- $70 (and free shipping on this one too)
Memory Clock 1600MHz
Memory Size 1GB

Radeon HD 4670 512MB -- $70
Memory Clock 2000MHz
Memory Size 512MB

Also does anyone know what the sound lvl of these GPU's are?? My computer is pretty quiet so i need a GPU to match it.. (if possible)
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  1. The difference between 512MB and 1GB isn't noticeable but since the price is the same and the 1GB model has a faster clock then go for the 1GB version
  2. What do u mean? The 1GB model has slower clock 1600MHz and is 400Mhz difference noticeable...
  3. Go for the 512, unless the cost of shipping would make it out of reach for your budget.

    You really don't need 1GB when you're going to play at 1280x1024 or less (don't know the comparable resolution for widescreen). Also the 4670 isn't anywhere near fast enough to really effectively utilize such a big amount of memory, unless your game requires loading 1GB worth of textures.
  4. I play mostly strategy games..!! (controlling tons of troops and stuff like that)
    resolution is 1680x1050
    Right now with the on board video (ATI Radeon HD 4200)

    Empire: Total war - (need more graphic power)
    Rome: Total war - (runs OK) can have 18,000 troops in one battle without lag at med graphics
    Blitzkrieg 2 (runs GREAT) full settings
    Stronghold 2 (runs GREAT) full settings
    Gettysburg (runs GREAT) full settings
  5. you should make your budget bigger because with 80$ the upgrade might not be much more notiable than what you have now and try to get the recent generation so it your investment will travel farther :)
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    kylo said:
    What do u mean? The 1GB model has slower clock 1600MHz and is 400Mhz difference noticeable...

    Sorry i just thought the 1GB model is 2000MHZ,go for the 512MB model it has a faster clock speed and also as said the difference between 1GB and 512MB isn't much
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