Have you guys heard about this Lucid Hydra?

The story at Anandtech

This could be huge. Imagine buying your GPU and knowing that you could add a second at any time, of any type.

Apparently available on an MSI P55 board soon.
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  1. Holy possibilities batman! Great find Proximon
  2. oh no!!
    sounds like ill have to keep waiting a month or two...
  3. Wow that looks amazing. Nvidia running side by side with Ati...
  4. I read that earlier today. Hopefully its common by the time I am ready to buy a new motherboard/CPU next XMAS.

    -1 for posting in the wrong section? Really belongs in video, doesnt it? :kaola: :lol:
  5. Knew about this two months ago, what's so amusing here?

    should belong to the motherboard section, not video dndhatcher.
  6. That would depend on your audience. I wanted the people advising new builds to have the info. It's a decision for a new build.
  7. Too bad it's not out yet, plus it's expensive. $1.5 per lane. 1.5x48=72 for the high end board, although this is just an estimated price from anandtech's part

    plus there is going to be so many issues at first.compatibility problems.
    you do know the rendering of AA in ati and nvidia cards are different, so there will be a lot more issues to come.
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