Internal HD not being found.

I just upgraded my windows to windows 7 64 bit (from Win7 32 bit). Re-formatted the OS Drive. My second internal hard drive (with music/photos/movies on it) isn't being recognized in "My computer". It is showing up in the device manager, but not the Disk Management. In the BIOS the drive is enabled.

If I right click on the drive in the device manager - it says that the driver is up-to-date. I've tried enabling and disabling the drive; and nothing. I've "scanned for hardware changes" and it says "No driver found for the PCI Simple communications controller, SM Bus controller, and Ethernet controller".

Any ideas?
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  1. Well, it can depend on any number of things. If it's in Device Manager but not Disk Manager, my first _guess_ is that your motherboard has SATA ports controlled by the chipset and SATA ports controlled by an outboard controller, usually by Marvell for Intel-based boards. If you don't load the driver for the outboard controller, it can't be used.

    I suspect that you have to visit the mfg's site and download 64-bit controllers for the Marvell chip, the Ethernet controller, and whatever the SM Bus controller is.

    An easy test if this is the issue: put the second drive into a different SATA port as far away from the one it is in now as possible. Or look in BIOS at the two drives, and see if they are on different controllers.


    We can be more specific if you tell us what motherboard you have and which SATA ports the two drives are attached to.
  2. WyomingKnott said:
    We can be more specific if you tell us what motherboard you have and which SATA ports the two drives are attached to.

    The HD worked when I had 32 bit. The motherboard I have is a "ASRock H61M-VS LGA 1155 Intel H61 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard"


    And it does have the two drives on different controllers in the BIOS, but both are enabled.

    I'm not sure what mfg is. Thank you so much for your help =D
  3. Sorry. "Mfg" is an abbreviation for "Manufacturer."

    What usually breaks for _me_ when I change from one installation to another is from the installation of basic drivers, like the ones that I mentioned. My Asus P7C55D Deluxe does have a second Marvell controller, and when I re-installed Win7 I forgot the driver at first and could not see the drives attached to that controller until I installed them. But your board has 4 SATA ports all on the chipset, so that is not the problem.

    I still think that you should identify the devices that are reported as missing drivers and install drivers, but I can't identify the devices and hence the drivers. Sorry.
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