How do I roll back driver if win 7 wont boot?

I have a Toshiba laptop L655-S5154.
I have Uniblue powersuite installed and yesterday it found 4 drivers to update, Did that and all went well but one of the drivers required a restart, I am almost certain it was a chipset driver update, Anyway after I finished what I was doing I clicked on the restart nag from uniblue.

Now all it will do is display the Toshiba splash screen with Press F2 go to setup utility F12 to boot mgr.
It displays the toshiba screen for 15-20 seconds, computer turns off (black screen) then splash screen again.
I let it do this all night but never booted.
I tried turning it off, unplugging and removing the battery, still the same thing.

Is there a way to boot it so I can roll back the driver ?
Any other suggestions?

It was late and I didnt try to boot to safe mode but will try that when I get home.
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  1. Boot into safe mode. It should be F8 while the windows splash screen is up.

    If that doesn't work, then you can put in a recovery disk and ask it to repair windows.
  2. F8 did nothing.....same screen.
    I dont think I have a rescue disk, where is a good place to DL one?
  3. just re-read the OP. Are you not even seeing the Windows splash screen? If so then you won't be able to boot into safe mode. Either way, you can double check and make sure you hit F8 early enough. It doesn't hurt to repeatedly hit the button after the computer posts.

    The original Windows 7 install disk is also a recovery disk. If you don't have one, then the only easy way I know to get one is ask someone else who has a working copy of Windows 7 to either create one or borrow their Windows 7 install disk. I don't know anywhere to DL one.

    One thing to test (if you can't get your hands on a Win 7 disk soon) is to see if you can boot to a CD/DVD or USB drive. If you can boot to those then we know it is a HDD/Win7 problem. I'm sorta concerned that it is something besides Win7 if it isn't showing the Windows splash screen.
  4. Correct, no Win7 screen.
    I will try booting from cd.....Thanks
  5. Found the problem...
    I had given up and already picked out a new laptop to buy.
    In preparation to switch over I removed the SD card from the SD slot then it went to the Win 7 startup screen and booted as if nothing ever happened....Strange.

    Thank for all the replies to help.
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