Hyper 212 gigabyte 990 u3 mobo

I'm looking for a good aftermarket heat sink for my gigabyte 990 u3 mobo, and will be using all four memory slots, with gskillz ripjaw memory. My question is, has anyone installed the hyper 212 on a gigabyte 990 series board? Do any of the memory slots get blocked? was there a solution to this, ie changing the placement of the fan??
any help would be nice
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  1. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z68P board with a hyper 212 evo and the fan does block one of the slots. Judging by the look of your board you would have the same problem. The main issue arises from having tall RAM. I'm using corsair XMS3 RAM and with slightly moving the fan up the heatsink I can fit a stick in under the fan. It is possible to change which side the fan is on which would also solve your problem, but I would make sure the air flow is still in the same direction. I don't however know if this would affect the performance of the heatsink. The gskills ripjaw would probably be too tall for my solution, but coolermaster do suggest installing a second fan for extra cooling, so just moving the fan should be fine.

    Hope that Helps
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