Yellow Exclamation on Direct parallel

how do I fix this?
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  1. Be more specific, what do you call a "direct panel" ? What in the pc is not working ? How did it happen or was it always like that ?
  2. Sorry, not direct panel parallel
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    You need to install your motherboard drivers for XP, if you don't have it, go to the exclamation sign, right click properties, go to driver and click update driver. Baring a system not supported for XP, it should fish a driver from microsoft. Otherwise, go to board website and try to find drivers for xp.
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  5. The first idea did not work I will search for a ptlink.sys driver unless you know where I can get one?
  6. Seems to be a parallel port driver, what make and model number is your motherboard, Speccy made by pririform can get you the info, also AIDA32/64, you can find these freeware apps. at filehippo.
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