Overclocking my 1055t

Hello everyone. I've been doing some overclocking shenanigans and been trying to find help with it. I'm cooling the overclocking with a Cooler Master V6 GT. I'm trying to acquire 3.6 stable.

Okay, the first time I tried overclocking I got it to 3.6 with these settings:

DRAM Frequency - ~1333 mhz or so, (lowred with raising clock speed)
DRAM Voltage - 1.65v
CPU Voltage - 1.45v
All other options that are not needed, cool n' quiet etc.. are disabled

I ran Prime95 for 15 minutes since I didn't see that many temperature issues, played some world of warcraft and it blue screened. That brings me to my other question: should I use Lynx or Prime 95, and how long do I run them for? <-- That is the guide I used, should I do anything differently that he used?

Right now I'm at stock. Here are screenshots of me running at stock, ~2.8 Ghz. So what should I do? I've seen this processor reach 4.2 stable, and all I want is 3.6 stable.

Thanks everyone.
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  1. Um, what was that? I cant' see the image, so I saved it and it opened an amazon webpage?

    edit: nevermind, he deleted post.
  2. Prime95 for 15 minutes is fine as a stress test.
    How high did your temps get under load?
    What are your other specs, and specifically the case?
  3. Build SpeCs:

    CoolerMaster HAF 922
    AMD Phenom 1055t Six Cores @ 2.8 Ghz soon OC'ing to 3.6 Ghz
    MSI Hawk GeForce GTX 460 1GB
    CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-750HX 750W 60A Modular
    Lite-ON 24x DVD/Reader/Writer all that good stuf
    1.5TB (1,500 GB) Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive
    G Skill Ripjaws 8GB Ram 1600MhZ
    Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Motherboard
    Cooled with 5 fans, and a Cooler Master V6 GT Heatsink/CPU Cooler
    G930 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
    Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard
    Razer Deathadder
    Acer G235H 1080P 1920x1080 LCD Monitor 23.6"

    My temps only got to 30C playing world of warcraft at ultra settings.
  4. Gaming isn't CPU load. Prime95 is.
  5. Ah, yeah it got 30C too.

    Hell, I was playing while Prime 95 was running I believe not sure.

    I'm thinking the problem is the overclock was far too simple, if you look at the video not much stuff was adjusted in the BIOS.

    Thanks for help so far.
  6. Well, that's not encouraging. That's an idle temperature. For some reason Prime95 isn't working, or you're not starting it correctly. Can you get a screenshot of Prime95 running after 10 minutes or so with Speedfan or similar next to it?
  7. How exactly do I do this? Set those custom prime95 stuff.

    And your asking me to OC again right, for the prime95 stuff? Cause it's at stock again, I'm gonna do the OC again, do u suggest doing anything different?
  8. Yeah, try it at 3.6.
    There are no alternate ways to overclock (besides setting the BCLK, which you don't need to worry about). You just set the multiplier.
    As soon as you open Prime95 you'll get a window of options after choosing "Just stress testing." Choose Small FFTs with 6 threads and let 'er rip. Don't have any other applications but Speedfan or whatever temperature monitoring software you're using open.
  9. DRAM Frequency - ~1333 mhz or so, (lowred with raising clock speed)
    DRAM Voltage - 1.65v
    CPU Voltage - 1.45v
    All other options that are not needed, cool n' quiet etc.. are disabled

    I still apply those settings?>
  10. Oh and, what screenshots do I post with the OC?
  11. Is the RAM frequency lowering automatically? If not, there's no reason not to leave it at 1600.
    Looks fine otherwise. Leave the CPU voltage on auto.
    Just a shot of Prime95 running with a temperature monitor on to figure out that weird 30C temp.
  12. Started it, will run for ~15 minutes or so. Will post screenshots after I run it for 15 mins. So far, it started and is floating at 45C, which is pretty high. But that is normal considering it's a stress test right?

    15 Min Stress Test:

    Idling atm at 20-25C stays at 30-35C gaming on populated areas in the game with maxed settings. Was just researching and someone suggested to lower vcore? Could that prevent a BOSD?

    I'm gonna keep these settings and play some games, and see if I BOSD.

  13. Went to the bathroom, it was good. Came back and it was on black screen with "start windows normall" I don't know if it restarted randomly or it blue screened. Should I lower vcore now?
  14. Yeah, that means it bluescreened.
    Turn off automatic restarting by going to "System" in Control Panel, then to Advanced System settings (on the left), hitting the "Settings" button under Startup and Recovery and unchecking "Automatically restart" under "System failure".
    This way your computer won't automatically shut down and restart when you bluescreen, and you'll be able to copy down the error codes and locate the problem later (you won't need to do this now, as BSODs that you get now are almost certainly OCing-related).
    Lowering the vcore will not make you OC better. I'd lower it anyway, maybe to 1.43. That'll make it last longer. Try that and see what happens.
    I don't see 30-35; I see 47 and a 56 (odd). 47's great; 56 is fine.
  15. Are the CPU temps the core temps in the bottom that list cores of hwmonitor or the ones on top that just say temperatures CPU?

    I'll try the OC again with 1.43vcore and make it run for what? 15 mins again? And can I watch a livestream while I do the test? kinda boring lol.

    Starting Stress test at 7:15 PM small FFT's 6 Threads
    Settings Ued:
    1.43 cpu core (is this the vcore?)
    1.65 dram voltage

    Idling at : 36C

    Ending Stress test at 7:30 PM Results:

  16. BBBBBBlue screen!! I declare war on my CPU :o Lol, it ran for like 10 minutes. I got a picture with my phone this time:

  17. Ending stress test as in you started the temperature monitor after ending the test, no? Those temps seem low.
    Well, maybe you just won't get 3.6. I'd expect you to get it without trouble, but eh. Try 3.5.
  18. Nono, ending meant I had it running from the start of the test and I took a screenshot when I finished.

    I'm new to the overclocking community. But I see many people get 4Ghz easily with this processor, but I can't get a stable 3.6? Is that normal? Different for everyone?
  19. It is different for everyone, but keep snooping around. Chips are not guaranteed to OC well, and you may have a bad one. See what kind of vcore (same as cpucore) those webizens are running.

    Take a look at that fast, it's a 4GHz overclock with my same board. So I thought I can get 3.6 easily.
  21. Hm, 1.464.
    He jacks up the FSB, which is that 286 number. Try that.
  22. Doesn't 286 give me a 4ghz oc or what did u mean 286 for? And 1.464 for what exactly?

    Assuming I can't achieve an OC. Will I notice and NOTICABLE difference in FPS from 2.8 to 3.6 in something like battlefield 3 mainly? I don't mind not ocing if it's not doing much that I can notice.
  23. Best answer
    You won't see a difference with that 460.
    Oh, you already have it on 286. In that case, put it on 200 and put the main multiplier on 36 instead of 14.
    1.464 is his vcore.
  24. Hmm, your probably right. Think I won't get BOSD with those new settings, won't bother if I will.
  25. No BSODs are acceptable. Try it and see if you do.
  26. Alright, won't hurt I guess. Won't post results that fast, since I'm doing something atm. But yeah if it BOSD's I'll stick with stock clock. Yep I totally hate the fact I built this pc 1 month before sandy bridges came out, patience could of prevented this :fou:
  27. Meh I'm not gonna try it, so just to make sure not a real difference right cause the GPU is bottlenecking?
  28. Eh, there'll probably be some difference. Try 3.3; that'd do it.
  29. Okay will do to 3.4.
  30. God, I hope this works it's a very mild overclock :/ (3.4)

    Idle 30-35C Before Test

    After 15 min stress test:

    edit: lasting more than 10 minutes for sure. 41-48c while gaming.

    edit2: this is pretty darn stable! so far

    edit3: seems stable, will report back tomorrow to see how it continues. Once again this is at 3.4.

    edit4: been playing a bit this morning pretty well

    edit6: 2 hours gaming and no BOSD this might be it folks.
  31. Well kajabla, looks like it's stable gaming it's 40-46C

    Thanks for ALL your help couldn't get a stable 3.6 clock but got a 3.4.
  32. Good stuff. Decent, anyway. Happy gaming.
  33. Nice O/C. I got my 1055T at 3.5GHz right now.

    Here are the settings I used to get there:
    250x14 Multi
    250x9 (2250MHz)@1.175V NB
    250x8 (2000MHz) HT
    250x6.67 (1667MHz) RAM Corsair Vengeance 1600
    1.35V Vcore

    Gigabyte 970A UD3
  34. Not bad, thanks for specs btw. I'll stick with my 3.4 though as I have a feeling my chip is bad like kajabla suggested might be the issue.
  35. Cool sounds good.
  36. 3.4ghz is fine anyway, you can run any game smoothly with that. If your not increasing vcore your not going to get anywhere. Every chip is different, some overclock easily, others dont. Also, overclocked 6 core cpu's take a fair bit of power, make sure you have a good quality PSU.
  37. Well, you could run 570 SLI on that :D
  38. Yep I could.

    Taking Donations :P
  39. Check out the table here:

    @Icey--->the 1055T is on there at 4.1 GHz as well at 3.8 GHz...The first 1055 at 4.1 GHz and is labeled as a 1005T its a typo as I am the one that edits the table
  40. Ok, sweet. The 3.8 is stable with my very own cooler. Lots of settings I didn't use are there so I'll try it. Think it'll work?

    Ref*Multipler is the 14*280 something number right? (or w/e other number combination).

    Will post a 15 min stress test.
  41. Remember to look at NB, HT, RAM settings...FSB(Ref) * CPU Mulitplier @ 280 x 14 is 3.9 GHz..Yes you are correct Ref or FSB clockspeed turns up the whole system....FSB is essentially the volume button on the system
  42. oh ok, so it seems like this might work, I figured I changed too few settings for even a 3.6 oc to be stable. Will try later.
  43. instant BOSD on windows 7 startup. Yeah I'm gonna stick with 3.4 poor 1055t can't handle much :/

    Guys been wanting to ask this for a while now and I'll just ask now. Is it normal for sometimes when I BOSD in the trial and error of OC'ing, or moving and unplugging and plugging stuff for sometimes I turn on my PC and it just doesn't power anything plugged into the back of the motherboard? It's like it overloads or something. Every time this happens I have to go to the back of my PSU and switch the I to O switch unplug it, then plug it back in and switch it back from O to I then it works?
  44. That doesn't sound good...Have you got another PSU to try? Perhaps another machine to try the PSU out in? Sounds like somethings not right, as thats not normal in my experience
  45. Not really, don't got much other stuff to test around with. It works fine and all the PSU, but its in a pattern like this:

    Everything Turns on Fine ----> Change something, or move it around the case -----> Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse doesn't turn on, fix it. --------> Back to normal until I change something else.

    It doesn't bother me as I'm probably not going to change anything until I build a new gaming PC overall. But seeing as the fix is probably a new mobo I can't do that right now.
  46. At least 6 hours of P95 is needed for me to think anything is stable, although I prefer 12+ hours. 15 minutes is nowhere near enough, I use 15 minute tests just to quickly see if a voltage will instant crash as I'm putting my overclock up, once I find an overclock I want to stick with I go for a 12 hour test.
  47. Maybe you've just got a loose cable somewhere. The best thing might be to unplug everything and then carefully get each connection seated.
  48. True, but meh the blue screens occured while I was gaming so was the same thing I guess.

    P95? I thought the best were Lynx or Prime 95.

    edit: Derp, p95 is prime 95. LOL.

    Yeah I'll try that sometime soon Kajabla.

    You guys can close the thread now got all the stuff I needed, couldn't get 3.6 but 3.4 isn't any different I guess.
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