Intel SRT - Sata III SSD and Sata II HDD

currently have a WD Velociraptor 300gb 10k rpm Sata II drive for sys and apps.
in a 3yr old P5E Deluxe asus X48 board, Q9650 proc, etc.

want to upgrade my box to a Z68 board, 2600K proc, etc. and keep using the WD with an SSD Cache.

can I re-use the WD on a sata 3 Gbps bus and marry it via SRT with a cache SSD on a Sata 6Gbps bus ?

or would I need to plug the WD into a Sata 6Gbps bus, so they're both on the same speed (even though the HDD bus would be dumbed down to accommodate the Sata II WD).

anyone done this? or pass a link that spells it out? or is this no big deal - it works?

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  1. Intel SRT requires that the SATA controller be set to RAID mode via the system BIOS. Here is a link to the instructions published by Intel:

    Here is a link to Intel support for SRT:

    Here is a link explaining SRT and how to set it up:
  2. Thx Johnny.
    I'm going to assume its a non issue: having SRT with SSD on Sata III and HDD on Sata II.

    That said, the SRT How To guides seem to show SSD and HDD as same bus speed: i.e., both HDD and SSD are Sata II drives.
  3. Should work without any problem. Just turn on the XHD under integrate ...... in the bios and run the Intel RST tool from windows....

    You planning to get the Z68XP-UD3-iSSD Board from gigabyte?

    Have fun.
  4. Are you gong to purchase that SSD?

    If so, not saying its a better choice, but consider also selling the Raptor and getting a 240GB SSD, wich is $360 nowadays.
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