Win7 logs in then immediately shuts down

Hi all!

Just recently I upgraded a friends computer to Windows 7 from Vista. It was really slow and clogged with random background tasks and it seemed like the best option at the time. Anyway, she just told me that now when she turns the laptop on and logs into her account, it logs her back off and shuts down.

Specs (as far as I can remember):
Intel Celeron(?) dual-core @ ~2.4GHz
Integrated graphics
Windows 7 32-bit

The laptop is between 3 and 4 years old. I only installed Avast and OpenOffice on it last night and it wasn't doing any of this. She also never turns her laptop off if that has any bearing on the matter. I'm having her run the Windows 7 diagnostic stuff right now so I will post later as to what she finds. Sounds to me like a memory error?
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  1. What happens if you create a different user? Will it let another user log in?
  2. can you log on in safe mode? (F8 in bios)
    maybe somebody played a little prank on you by putting the shutdown -s command in your startup folder?
  3. Now that would be a good prank...
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