Minimum voltage required for ocz 1066 mhz

I recently built a new comp with these parts:

Athlon II x3 435 Rana (tri core 2.9 ghz)
asrock m3a785gmh/128 motherboard
OCZ 2 x 1 GB OCZ3G10662GK
XFX radeon 4650 512 ddr2
i ACCed by processor to a phenom II x4 b35 and it worked fine for many days. and i checked my dram frequency in cpuz and it was always 532 mhz everyday. the ratio being 3:8
However. just yesterday while i was browsing and chatting i started noticing slowdowns in loading programs and everything, so i decided to check cpuz....and here is what i found.

so...yeah i kind of panicked.....and shut down my pc. restarting it wouldnt change the frequency back to normal either....
I did try reinserting the ram modules and the frequency jumped back to 532 ...however when i next clicked my comp on today it was back to 400......and the modules are definitely in cpu was untouched so i dont see the reason.

Also just now i read the sticker on the mem stick saying 7-7-7@ 1.6v
and cpuz was showing 1.5v being applied to each i tried increasing the Dram voltage to 1.59v in the bios and have restarted a couple of times and no problem till now....but it always happens randomly so i'm not really sure.

oh and in the event logger i am getting the corrected hardware error occured..repeatedly......but it was there from day 1...and dont think it has anything to do with the ram....

please help!
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  1. Updated the bios to the latest version and it was fixed i think. Not sure how long it will last.
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