Tomshw should give a GPU to CPU chart

suddenly feel that tomshw should give a GPU to CPU chart, what i basicly mean is that a lot of people who wants to build a pc that can acheve the highest fps. i already have an idea that how they should make the chart

they should first test all the video cards on the market with all the CPUs, with the best memory HD MB, of course. then, they can OC a i7 975 to 4.4ghz or something and use it to test the video card. then they should show us the exactly bottlenecked cpu (with overall gaming performance at 95% or more of the i7 975's performance) of all the videocards at lowest price as the bottlenecked cpu.

that is something really gonna be usefull, isn't it? :)

well, dont tell me u don't understd what i mean. i mean, maybe, at call of duty, a HD 4670 with i7 975 overclocked to 4.4ghz will give the same FPS as a 4670 with athlon ragor 245, but anything under the 245 will reduce the FPS, so 245 will be the bottleneck. :lol:

by the way, i think the monthly artical "Best cpu for the money" and "best gpu 4 the money" is really useless. they list out almost all the cpu and gpus your can buy on the market, so which one is REALLY the best? for improvement, i think they should cut the money range smaller, and only show ONE cpu or gpu at one range. that gives the highest overall fps. consider somebody don't do gaming, they can rate the overall performance exclude gamming at a different section, but i doubt that 95% tomshw fans are gamers, aren't they :pt1cable:
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  1. I see what you mean. That sounds interesting, but like a lot of work. Still, it would be cool to see it done once in a while.
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    Too time consuming. Not only that, but it would have to be so extensive to be useful that lazy people would give up trying to use it and only a few fanatica.., er, I mean dedicated hardware enthusiests would bother using it.
  3. Haha, yep, that would be pretty close to it. Though like he said that is a lot of work, and keeping it updated will take a bit of effort. But an excellent start nonetheless.
  4. or something like this with more combinations

    though if it took 3 weeks to test 3cpus at 3 different clock speeds with two graphics card setups, what op is suggesting might take half a year, no ones gonna bother..
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