Does my mother board support the 9800GT? its an ECS RC410-M

Does the ECS RC410-M support a Palit 9800GT?
It has PCI-E X16 slot
but i still dont know.
Also I have a 300watt SMPS installed right now to what wattage will I need to upgrade it so as to power the 9800?
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  1. It will work, but you probably should upgrade the PSU. A 400W PSU like the Corsair CMPSU-400CX should be powerful enough:
  2. According to nvidia, 400W is minimum for a 9800GT.
    If you have other plans for the near future, get a 550W or 650W Corsair.
  3. A 9800GT only needs about 7 - 8 amps, so Corsair 400CX with its 30 amp rail is plenty. THe 400CX will power about any medium sized card, say in the 5770 class.
  4. BTW Can a high wattage smps damage my system?
    Its pretty old and the parts date back to 2006

    Also I'm now planning on getting a GTS 250. which requires a min. 450 watt smps.
    So if I get a 450 watt smps will that work well or will I have some problems.
    because I don't have the money to buy a 500 watt smps along with it.
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